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Happiness is an exquisite blend of gorgeous flavors that bounce between opulent pomegranate seeds to the invigorating fruit explosion of fresh peaches.  Much like a warm hug, a joyous stroll on the beach, or an afternoon spent basking in the sun, Happiness is an Oolong Herbal Tea experience that will leave you feeling, well, happy.

Why You’ll Love This Tea:

  • The wonderful way that the brightness of the pomegranate seeds and peach flavors play with each other.
  • The burst of energy that the rich Oolong gives you.
  • The overall sense of elation and contentment that comes with each sip.

Ingredients :

China Oolong, Papaya, Goji berry, Natural flavouring, Peach, Fig, Marigold, Blue cornflower.

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