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Joyful Memories

9,99 incl BTW.

Thinking back on moments past is a beautiful way to spend a day, and Joyful Memories delivers the perfect assortment of brilliant flavors to help along the way.  The playful fruitiness of the kiwi with the bright sharpness of the grapefruit citrus align perfectly in this black tea blend.

Why You’ll Love This Tea:

  • The invigorating charge of energy that comes from the high-quality black tea.
  • The fun and exciting flavor profile that will help inspire wonderful thoughts of days past.
  • The bright and zippy aromas that this beautiful combination of kiwi and grapefruit deliver.

Ingredients :

Black Tea Ceylon, Tangerine peels, Orange pieces, Marigold, Kiwi slices, Passionflower herb, Lovage.

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