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Power Orange Chai

9,99 incl BTW.

Are you ready to feel strong, robust, and ready to take on the world?  Power Orange Chai is the perfect spicy blend of high-octane white tea with the brightness of sweet citrus.  This fruit herbal blend is both delicate in aroma and vigorous flavor that inspires strength and resolve.

Why You’ll Love This Tea:

  • The natural and sustaining sense of energy and power that comes with every sip.
  • The crisp and energizing fruit flavor and zip of the glorious spice blend.
  • The intense aroma of the Power Orange Chai white tea will wake you up on first sniff.

Ingredients :

China Sencha Green Tea, Pai Mu Tan White Tea, Coconut, China Gunpowder green tea, China green tea Jasmine, Ginger, Orange peel, Natural aroma, China Lung Ching, Darjeeling OP Green Tea, Pink Pepper, Anis star, Clove, Safflower, Cardamom.

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